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Why Choose Family Child Care?

Family child care offers your child the familiar, comfortable surroundings of the home environment which they feel most secure in. Outdoor play is in a natural setting where they can run and observe nature. Schedules are structured but flexible to meet the needs of the day. The smaller group size reduces exposure to illness and infections.

Family child care providers care for mixed age groups which allow children to remain with the same provider for many years. Mixed age groups also mean siblings won't be separated. Having a consistent care giver, with no staff turnover or employee stress, allows your child to bond quickly with the provider and realize he can count on her to help with any need. Children can thrive when cared for by a supportive, attentive adult who they trust and feel secure with.

The smaller group size of a family child care is less stressful and helps friendships form between the ages. Research has shown that children playing in mixed age groupings have enhanced language and conversation skills and also allows them to participate in more complex, social play. Older children tend to be more pro-social and aware of others needs. Children see a glimpse of other children's lives and share their accomplishments, encouraging and reassuring them along the way. They are aware of the first step, first school bus ride, a new baby in a family, and these are wonderful opportunities for your child's social and emotional growth and development.

Choosing the right child care for your infant, toddler or preschooler is an important decision. The Charlton Child Care Provider's Association offers an array of wonderful providers each offering a slightly different program ranging in hours, services offered and benefits provided.

All Massachusetts family child care providers must be licensed by the state. Standards in health and safety must be met, as well as required training in child care topics. Federally funded nutrition programs are offered in most homes which assure you that your child will be properly fed, aiding in their healthy development.


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